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Conspiracy X OOC

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Conspiracy X

< C O N S P I R A C Y _ X >

August 8, 2004: Kidnapper Killed in Police Shootout
PORTLAND, OR - Police recovered the mutilated body of a local teen today after a shootout with the man who allegedly kidnapped her. Investigators were unable to identify the man, but evidence indicates that it was he who sent ransom demands to...

November 12, 2004: Teacher Resigns, School and Parents Mourn
BOULDER, CO - One teacher has resigned over the loss of a local teenager during a school field trip hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. It has been two weeks since the disappearance of...

March 3, 2005: High School Fire Kills Two, Injures Four
BOSTON, MA (AP) - A fire in a chemistry lab at Greater Egleston Community High School has killed a teacher and a student, and left four students in hospital with burns of varying degrees. The names of the deceased are being witheld pending...

May 13, 2005: Teen Lost in Boating Accident
SAN DIEGO, CA (AP) - The search continues for a local 15-year-old lost near Imperial Beach after the boat he was learning to pilot was found capsized...

January 1, 2006: Three Dead, Dozens Wounded in Terrorist Attack
NEW YORK, NY (AP) - In what investigators are calling the worst successful terrorist attack since the London Underground bombings last July, the popular teen dance club The Kitchen was bombed as New Year's Eve festivities were winding up yesterday. Homeland Security Investigators say that bombs at seven other...

May 17, 2006: Teen's Corpse Found; Parents Devastated
CARTHAGE, KY (AP) - The body of a missing teenage girl was found yesterday, washed up less than a mile from the Hickory Sticks Golf Club in Carthage. Investigators have said only that a positive identification...

September 20, 2006: House Fire Claims Family
KINGMAN, AZ (AP) - A raging fire has destroyed the home of a local family and left the inhabitants dead. Firefighters fought the blaze until well into the morning, preventing it from spreading, but...

These are not accidents. In this world, there are a chosen few who are blessed with powers far beyond those of mortal men. They are the first generation of their kind. In time, they will be known as homo superior, mutants, freaks, and many other names. But for now, they are nothing more than figments of societal imagination.

Funded by a classified department of the US government, Dr. Charles Xavier was recruited to seek out and indentify those with extraordinary gifts. He did so, not knowing the consequences of his actions. Two years ago, a series of seemingly unrelated accidents began, in which an unknown number of these identified mutant children were rounded up and taken to a covert government facility somewhere in Montana. There, they were subjected to a battery of strange and confusing tests. Their experiences were, to say the least, highly unpleasant.

They escaped.

That was three weeks ago. Now, at the center of a rapidly growing international scandal and only loosely protected by the foreign government that helped orchestrate their freedom, these children are utterly lost. They have no homes, no identities, and everyone they once knew believes them to be dead. Europe is a strange, unfamiliar place, and even their saviours do not quite know what to do with them.

These children are in Limbo and, while the world at large reminds content in its ignorance, they are soon going to discover a horrible truth: The lab that hurt them wants them back.

This is Conspiracy X. Choose your allies very carefully, because nothing is what it seems.


See the table of contents for game info.

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